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United Kingdom

United Kingdom
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Coventry, United Kingdom


The 2016 season was very much a story of contrasting halves for the humorous Crutchlow: he struggled in the first half with a slew of crashes, and then it all came together in the second which not only saw him win two GPs – including Australia – but catapult up to the standings to an eventual seventh place finish. That made him the highest independent team rider, just ahead of Yamaha's early pacesetter Pol Espargaro. The confidence he gained in the latter part of 2016 doesn't appear to have deserted him, as he's consistently been near the top of the timesheets in testing. His career bugbear has always been about finding consistency – and the jury's still out a that one, to be brutally honest – but if he can iron out that kink a championship top five is more than possible. Not surprisingly, Crutchlow's sharp wit has found a soul mate in garrulous Aussie Jack Miller, and the two larrikins are very close.

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