Espargaro claims Miller 'deserved to crash'

Australian Jack Miller has added fuel to the flames in France, revealing Aprilia rider Aleix Espargaro was ‘extremely rude’ following an incident at the Spanish Grand Prix.

"He was extremely rude on the plane flying home, saying things like 'I deserved to crash' and stuff like this. It's unnecessary," Miller said. "He said I needed to come and apologise to him. I said it was a racing incident.

"He said quite clearly ‘you deserved to crash’. If that's the way he feels, it's great to see we have a good sportsman like that in the paddock.

"He said he was on the inside. He wasn't. When you look back at the pictures he ran wide and all I did was try to follow my line around and it's a gap. I'm going to go for a gap, I'm a racer. He continued to turn. Whether or not he saw my wheel I don't know, but anyway it's what it was.”

The Spaniard had a different view on the incident, claiming Miller caused the crash.

"No, there was no space. I saw [the incident] now many times," Espargaro said. "Also I had a cut in the tyre. I don't know exactly if he cut my tyre with his winglet, but I was very lucky that the tyre didn't explode.

"There was no space. I was on the white line. If there was space he wouldn't have crashed. Because as soon as he put the bike inside I picked up my bike and he crashed anyway. So it means there was no space.

"If I held the line and we had crashed, I would understand. But as soon as I saw him I picked up the bike straight and he crashed anyway. So there was no space.”

"He didn't do anything and when I saw him on the plane I said, 'what happened mate?' [He said] 'What happened? I crashed', and I said, 'yeah, there was no space, you crashed, but because you deserved to crash'."

Both riders will let their riding do the talking as they return to the track at Le Mans - for what will likely be a wet weekend, with the premier class race starting on Sunday 19 May at 10.00pm AEST.

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