Miller airs frustrations

Jack Miller Valencia MotoGP Crash 2018

Australian rider Jack Miller has aired his frustration following a wet and wild race in Valencia.

There were plenty of crashes before the season-ending race was halted after 13 laps.

Miller, who went down in slippery conditions on Lap 5, questioned why the race was not stopped earlier.

"I mean, it was a joke, they should've stopped the race a long time before," Miller said.

"I'm not giving myself an excuse or anything, but for example for Maverick [Vinales] to crash almost in a straight line...

"It's not normal, the amount of water [that] was coming down."

Speaking of his own crash, Miller said: "It was a little unlucky, just hit my normal line through Turn 3 and same sort of throttle, everything, just caught a puddle or whatever and aquaplaned and looped out.

"As we all did, every single one of us, I don't think there was one crash on the front end, everybody looped out from aquaplaning on the rear."

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