Miller ready for super Sunday

Jack Miller is ready to give 100 per cent in the postponed qualifying for the Pramac Generac Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2019 and he is promising to turn it on when the MotoGP™ bikes get onto the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit.

The Pramac Ducati star says that he had his say when the MotoGP™ riders met on Saturday afternoon and that he is fully committed to what looks like a busy Sunday.

“It is what it is,” he says. “We all had the chance to state our opinion and have a vote, and we know what the vote was. The biggest thing is safety, for sure. 

“But I am a firm believer in riding to the conditions, and the conditions go both ways. 

“I 100 per cent agree with them. If something bad did happen – for example, with (Miguel) Oliveira – and that nearly happened with my first flying lap. 

“As you go past the tents, at the end of the main straight, doing, what, upwards of 350 km/h, and you get by a 60 km/h gust of wind, it shifts you over by about two metres, and you end up off the end of the track, which is wet grass – and we all know how wet grass is on slick tyres. 

“I think they made a great decision. The forecast is for it to be cloudy for tomorrow, with a little less wind. But as we have seen, in the past here at Phillip Island, you can’t trust the weather forecast, so hopefully they are wrong and it is going to be a beautiful sunny day tomorrow. 

“Hopefully we can get out there and go well enough in Q2 and in the race and have some fun.”

The postponement means that Miller and the rest of the MotoGP™ riders will face a ‘Super Sunday', with qualifying in the morning and racing in the afternoon.

“It is quite a lot, but that’s a part of my job! You just have to get on with it. 

“Just being here at my home Grand Prix is great, but missing out on the chance to qualify in front of the fans, that is a tough one. I just have to take my hat off to them, for standing around out there in a gale all day, that has been great. 

“Hopefully we will be able to give them a good show tomorrow."

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