Q&A with Jack Miller

What do you like most about racing at the Island?

For one it’s in front of the Australian fans and for two, the location is awesome. Never in the whole GP calendar do we get an awesome backdrop with the cliffs off the back of the island, straight down to the ocean. It’s so cool, you can look straight down Gardner Straight and it looks like it goes straight into the ocean.

It’s an awesome track, it’s fast, the Aussie fans are really vocal, they love to yell out and get amongst it, so it’s really good and I look forward to getting there this year that’s for sure!


You’ve never been on a MotoGP bike, but have you got a favourite part of the circuit from your past experiences in Moto3?

I especially love it through Stoner Corner, turn three and into Honda Corner, it’s an awesome spot for me, I love it. You come through there flat out and start braking on the angle and try to straighten the bike up as much as you can and get as far over to the left hand side of the track as possible before tipping into turn four.

That and also turn one, coming down the front straight so fast and just click down a couple of gears and go straight into the corner not even touching the brakes, it’s definitely awesome!


The Moto3 bike was probably flat through a lot of the corners, but the GP bike will be different?

The Moto3 bike was also a bit of handful especially through Stoner Corner . If you got the last corner right then you could get that flat, but only with new tyres, but for sure the GP bike will be a whole different ball game and you’ll be fighting for traction all the way through. I think there will be a lot of smoke coming off the tyre and it will be a lot of fun that’s for sure!


The GP bike will be a lot faster, are you looking forward to that, or are there some nerves?

I think it’s going to be an awesome experience, the front straight into turn one, instead of coming in there at 250km/h, you’re coming in there at 300km/h, so it will be a different experience that’s for sure!


Is there anything you like to do at Phillip Island off the bike?

Generally we head to a great little cafe opposite the bakery in Cowes and I catch up with my family there during the weekend. The last few years I’ve gone and messed around on the put put golf at Amazing Things with my little cousin, which is good fun!

I’ve done the penguins before, I was pretty unprepared in a t-shirt and shorts and froze, but it was a great experience! I’ve gone to the chocolate factory, I’ve actually done a lot down there, it’s a great spot and different to anywhere else we go on the calendar because you all get houses and share with your team, it’s just a lot of fun cooking together and hanging out, it’s great!


If people are thinking about the Island and heading down for the GP, but aren’t too sure about going, what would you say?

There’s nothing like being there, to sit and hear the actual noise of the bikes, it’s a noise that rocks you to your core and vibrates inside your body. There’s no comparison to being there, being amongst the crowd and screaming for your favourite rider, it’s definitely better than watching it at home on TV that’s for sure!


What would be a good weekend down there for you?

I’d be happy with a top 10, I think that’s more than reasonable around the Island. I feel good, I feel like I can get some power down and hopefully in the next couple of races we can lift our game a little more like we’ve been doing and really push for a decent result by the time we get to Phillip Island.



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