So you think you know your Island history?

So you think you know your Island history? All right then, prove it: try your hand at our 10-question Phillip Island quiz!

1. In 1989, the first year of World Championship racing at Phillip Island, a Spaniard won the 125cc race. When the Australian GP returned to the Island in 1997, the same Spaniard won the 250cc race. Who was he?

2. Only one rider has won the lightweight class – 125cc or Moto3 – twice at the Island. Can you name him?

3. In which year did Olivier Jacque win a thrilling 250cc Australian GP by 0.014 of a second?

4. Who is the only Japanese rider to have won the intermediate class race at the Island?

5. Who was the first man to win at the Island in the new Moto2 class in 2010?

6. Which is the most successful nation in terms of wins in each of the three classes at Phillip Island?

7. Only one American has ever won a World Championship race at the Island. Who, when and in which class?

8. Only one rider has taken victory in all three classes of the Australian GP at Phillip Island. Can you name him – and the years in which he did it?

9. Which was the first year in which all three race winners rode under the same national flag?

10. In which year was there an Australian on all three podiums – and who were they?


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