Lukey Heights 3-Corner

3-Corner Grandstand Package

A Lukey Heights 3-Corner Grandstand ticket provides an opportunity to experience three different grandstand locations across the three days of the event.

Enjoy the Gardner Straight Grandstand on Friday, Bass Strait Grandstand on Saturday and Lukey Heights Grandstand on Sunday – all on one ticket.

MotoGP™ Paddock Passes are available as an upgrade during the Ticketmaster purchase process for all Grandstand tickets.


Diagrams and photos are provided as a guide only. Grandstands are subject to change without notice prior to the event, which may alter the current configuration, height and viewing. The Australian Grand Prix Corporation reserves the right to determine the actual final location of, and details concerning, seating, viewing areas and other facilities. In accordance with the Attendance Conditions, tickets will not be refunded where there is any change to the seating plan, as shown.