25-27 October
Phillip Island

Lukey Heights


Located at the apex of the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit's steep descent out of Turn 9, Lukey Heights Grandstand provides cross-circuit views all the way from the Southern Loop through arguably the track's most challenging section of racing.

Turn 9 itself is one of Phillip Island's most exciting corners with many a rider coming a cropper on this demanding section of the track.

Testing the riders' courage to its limits, Lukey's long left-hander leads to a blind crest, followed by a tricky downhill run and a challenging hairpin before the riders lean in to Turn 11 – regularly an overtaking hotspot – that leads on to the crucial final kilometre before the start/finish line.

A favourite of the riders, Lukey Heights requires meticulous racing and perfectly balanced bikes. And, with amenities and a dedicated superscreen conveniently located nearly, Lukey Heights Grandstand allows fans to enjoy the view of this fast-flowing and highly technical part of the circuit.


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