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At the Qatar Airways Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2024, we are committed to providing an unforgettable experience for all fans and staff. Safety plays a key role in this experience and our team have implemented a range of security measures to keep you safe whilst you're here.


Behind the scenes, we work closely with Victoria Police and our Security provider to create and implement an action plan to prioritise fan safety during the event. You will find our team all throughout the venue, so you are always in safe hands. Our venue is also monitored with a CCTV network.


Our commitment to your safety begins before racing starts on track, but we need your help. Please be prepared for the following before entering the venue:

  • Your bags will be searched; and
  • Security will be using handheld magnetic wands after bag checks.

We expect queues while bag searches and wanding takes place, but these are important processes to protect you and others while enjoying the racing action. Please be patient when entering the venue and follow directions of any staff to make the process as smooth as possible.

While in the venue, do not leave your bag unattended and please report any suspicious items to a staff member nearby.