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Unreserved Sites


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Thu - Mon

4 Night Site

Thu - Mon
4 Night Site from: $264

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For more experienced campers, our Unreserved Sites offer the flexibility of bringing your own gear and setting up camp exactly how you’d like (within an 8m x 8m area).

Located on the infield of the go-kart track, our Unreserved Sites work on a first-come, first-served basis and are perfect for anyone who wants to ensure they don’t miss a moment of the action.

The unreserved sites are non-powered.

  • Location(s): Trackside Campground
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Campers who've selected an Unreserved Site will need to choose how many people will be staying so we can provide each with a wristband. An Unreserved Site doesn't include an attendee in the cost.


Sites with a car can only unload/load for 30 minutes and must then be parked in a nearby carpark. Sites with a car can only unload/load for 30 minutes and must then be parked in a nearby carpark. Only motorcycles can park within Trackside at their purchased site. Multiple motorcycles are permitted per site however they must fit within their designated Campsite boundary and are asked to remain there for the duration of the event. Should a motorcycle rider be required to move from their Campsite after dark then Campground security must be informed to provide an escort. Overflow parking is available, and additional vehicle access can be purchased when booking your Campground tickets online at an additional cost of $20 per vehicle.