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Ballarat to Phillip Island

Journey to MotoGP™ Travel Guide


Start by travelling towards Kyneton via the Midland Highway and Daylesford-Malmsbury Road before travelling east towards Kinglake, via Whittlesea. From here, follow on to Kinglake, going south through St Andrews and Panton Hill before going through Kangaroo Ground. And all that’s left from there is Eastlink and the South Gippsland Highway to Phillip Island.

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A stop in Kyneton is a must given the town features the Country Cob Bakery, home to Australia’s Best Pie for two years in a row. The bakery’s caramelised pork and pepper pie took home the prize in 2019, while its seafood curry pie was named the best seafood pie in Australia, too, in the Baking Association of Australia awards. Other recommended spots for food in Kyneton including Spaghetti Bar and Donkey.

Consider pulling in at Kinglake, for a meal or drinks at the famous Kinglake Pub, or visiting Fondata 1872 for a hearty feed in Kangaroo Ground, which wins rave reviews for its fantastic food and stunning location. You could also take in panoramic views from the Kangaroo Ground War Memorial Tower.

And before you get to Phillip Island, Maroondah Reservoir Park is worth a look, particularly if you bring a picnic! With huge gardens, native animals, birds and walking tracks, this is a great spot to relax.

Enhance your MotoGP™ visit by staying at Phillip Island or close by. Accommodation is available at the circuit or across the island.

Ride Highlight

After stopping in Kinglake for a well-earned rest, take the 13km sprint south along Heidelberg-Kinglake Road towards the township of St Andrews. The curves are tight and traffic conditions vary, so be cautious of wildlife and take your time enjoying the northern fringes of Kinglake National Park.