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Sydney to Phillip Island

Journey to MotoGP™ Travel Guide


Head south from Sydney on the Princes Highway, your road to follow for the majority of the trip. When you get to Traralgon, follow the A1, which turns into the M1, and then take the Bass Highway towards Leongatha. Simply follow that until you reach Phillip Island.

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Batemans Bay is a terrific place to stop on the beautiful south coast of New South Wales and The Venetian Cafe comes highly recommended. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or coffee, this boutique spot will sort you out!

The perfect rest stop is located at Quota Park, Narooma, and gives you the chance to stretch your legs and go for a stroll. A great spot to relax and admire the marina is Quarterdeck, also located in Narooma, which serves fantastic fish and chips.

Another spot to stop on your trek to the iconic Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit could be Bega, the Australian town iconic for making cheese. The Bega Cheese Factory is on the edge of town and is great for a light meal and or a cup of coffee.

Continue your travel from Bega east towards Delegate, taking the Bonang Highway/C612 between Delegate and Orbost for one of Australia's best roads. Just down the road from Orbost you'll find yourself in Bairnsdale, a great place to spend a night before finishing your journey to Phillip Island.

Enhance your MotoGP™ visit by staying at Phillip Island or close by. Accommodation is available at the circuit or across the island.

Ride Highlight

The Bonang Highway/C612 is an amazing stretch of tarmac between Delegate and Orbost lined by a wonderfully scenic forest. Long stretches of flowing corners are a treat for riders and drivers alike, but be extra cautious in the wet, aware of turns with limited visibility and always be on the lookout for wildlife crossing the road.